Ultrahigh Duffle-Black-+ Extra Strap

Ultrahigh Duffle-Black-+ Extra Strap

A compressible rolltop duffle for half-bag travel. Built using a superlight and strong Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite. A Double Action Strap allows for quick adjustment between carry modes.

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Ultrahigh Duffle + Extra Strap
We wanted to create a bag that rewards you for packing light. Most bags have a strange gravity of sorts, they want to be stuffed full. Yet gravity is a traveler's worst enemy, the lighter your load the further you can go. The Ultrahigh Duffle is built around a highly compressible rolltop design that compacts beautifully small, yet can expand as needed as you travel.

It features our new Double Action Strap, which is designed to quickly convert between carry modes, from messenger to mil, from sport to hand. The custom aluminum quick adjust means it can be cinched tight to the body for high action activities. With the addition of a second strap it even can be used as a backpack.

We designed it around a material we call Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite. As the name implies its a nonwoven composite of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), one of the worlds strongest fibers. This particular UHMWPE is Dyneema branded, but we prefer to just call it Ultrahigh. The Ultrahigh fiber is bonded using a nonwoven process and encased in BoPET producing a material that is sometimes called "Cuben" or CTF3, and then laminated to a light polyester outerface for additional abrasion resistance. The result is a composite fabric that is waterproof, super light and strong, with a remarkable structure and dark angular texture that deepens as it ages.

The result is a light, strong bag with decent water resistance and the ability to comfortably be used in a wide variety of situations around the world. When used as a duffle it works best in the 15-35 liter range, but it easily holds up to 50 liters, and if left open like a beach bag it can hold 78. It features two external pockets, one zippered and one easy access, plus one internal zippered pocket. All of which are made of Tweave four way stretch pocketing. The removable baseplate and two sidewalls are made with Armordon self-reinforcing polypropylene giving the base a semirigid structure. Also features Biothane webbing, Aluminum XLite buckles, YKK Uretech zippers, and stainless steel milspec g-hooks.

Please note that the rolltop system is not for everyone. It allows for a huge expansion compression range, and opens superwide to allow easy access and visibility of the interior, but it is not a rapid access system. It takes half a conscious second to open and close, while traditional zip closures allow for more instant and unconscious access.
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Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite; scientifically named Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene.

Stronger than steel yet floats on water. Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite is a fiber with almost limitless applications. Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite fibers are bonded together in multi-directional panels with various materials depending on their application. Used from making racing sails to replacing steel cords on freight ships to aerospace technology, Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite fiber is tailored to a huge variety of uses.

We first encountered it at a fabric trade show a few years back and were entranced by its properties. Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite has a low specific gravity (floats on water), is highly UV resistant and 100% waterproof.
  • Ultrahigh Duffle
  • Made from an Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite; scientifically named Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene with bonded polyester face
  • 78 liters / 4785 cubic inches maximum capacity when open, 30 liters / 1831 cubic inches capacity rolled four times
  • Double Action Strap adjusts from both sides
  • Easily transitions between messenger, mil, sport and hand carry modes
  • Roll-top opening system for system for maximal expansion/compression
  • Two external pockets for easy access; one four-way stretch with a storm flap and another with AquaGuard zip
  • Internal zippered four-way stretch pocket with key loop
  • Biothane webbing MOLLE system
  • Self-reinforcing polymer plating on base and ends for structure
  • Magnetic closure on roll top
  • Aluminum Duraflex buckles with adjustable tension
  • Double Action Strap has stainless steel g-hooks and custom aluminum quick-adjust closure
  • Ultrasuede details throughout
  • A second Double Action Strap option available for backpack mode
  • Spot clean
  • Made in Connecticut
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